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PCHomes - Service & Support Contract

Full Terms and condition of PCHomes Software Support Supplied by Estates IT Ltd


The following are the terms and conditions attaching to acceptance by the Company of the Customer's (“The Customer”) order except where modified by special arrangements in writing. "The Company" means Estates IT Ltd, its associated or subsidiary companies.


This agreement provides:

  1. Free Support by telephone or via remote access during the hours of 9:00 AM to 5.30 PM, Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays. Outside of these hours support calls will be monitored.
  2. Telephone or remote access consultation with support staff, regardless of usage, application and techniques, but within those laid down in this Agreement between the Company and the Customer and detailed below.
  3. Response to all queries with specific reference to the Customer's use of the PCHomes software, within a target time of four hours from receipt of the call during normal support hours.
  4. Free of charge upgrades to the PCHomes modules that are subscribed to by the Customer. Customers can obtain online upgrades via the company website www.estatesit.com or via the PCHomes software.
  5. Release documentation & usage information will be available on request.


This agreement does not include:

  1. Training in respect of the PCHomes software for new staff either at the Company's premises or at the Customer's site.
  2. Training to existing PCHomes users via Phone or remote access. If a support call is deemed as training, which will be assessed at the Company's discretion, Customers will be offered the option of on-site training, which will be charged at Estates IT standard consultancy prices.
  3. Consultation in respect of amending or adding to existing systems fully installed.
  4. Installation of PCHomes software on new hardware or the re-installation of PCHomes software on existing hardware. Such installations will be charged at Estates IT standard consultancy prices.
  5. Any visits to the Customer's site, unless deemed necessary by the company for the rectification of malfunctions of PCHomes software, as a direct result of upgrades as provided by the Company.
  6. Time spent on installing upgrades or training staff on the use of new facilities incorporated into PCHomes software.
  7. Support for software applications other than PCHomes.
  8. Support for Hardware problems.


The Customer undertakes to observe the following:

  1. Prompt payment to be made by Direct Debit or annual invoice, payable in advance.
  2. Not to modify the software in any way, shape or form.
  3. To always use the latest supplied version of PCHomes software covered by this agreement.
  4. Not to distribute PCHomes software to any other site as covered in this agreement, unless authorised by the company.


This agreement is made subject to the following conditions:

  1. This agreement will be for a minimum of two months from the date of commencement and shall continue thereafter, until either party gives the other not less than two months notice in writing. This notice may be given at any time after expiry of the minimum period.
  2. Standard charges will be invoiced by the Company and accepted by the Customer, for the periods of service supplied by the Company, in accordance with this agreement.

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