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Property Management Software

Fully-integrated Property Management Software for letting agents & estate agents in one package

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Key Features

PCHomes Property Management Software is designed to offer your letting agency business and your staff a way of simplifying and improving the lettings process, marketing, administration and customer management tasks, whilst encouraging better and more efficient working practices.

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Full Client Accounting

  • Easy to use full double entry client accounts system.
  • Produce Landlord statements with choice of formats and layouts.
  • Process Landlord payments to lists or BACs files.
  • Monthly trial balances – Simple journal transfer to Sage etc.
  • Compliant with best accounting practices.
  • Bank reconciliations on unlimited bank accounts.
  • Automatic Bank reconciliations.
  • Landlord annual income and expenditure tax reporting.
  • HMRC rent analysis Resident and Non-Resident Landlords S23 / S19.
  • VAT analysis reports.
  • Financial information displayed at Tenancy, Property or Landlord level.
  • Landlord floats/sink funds.

Flexible Rent Collection, Deposit and Fees

  • Rent collections profiles for Weekly, Fortnightly, Four Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Six Monthly and Annually.
  • Collect Rent, Produce Statements and Pay Landlords – 3 easy bulk processes including BACS output files.
  • Tenant Receipt – flexible multi-thread receipts process for Ad hoc money collection.
  • Suspend rent collections.
  • Fees annually in advance, on rent due or on money collected.
  • Ad hoc Landlord and Tenant fees.
  • Tenant recharges.
  • Schedule renewal invoices – never miss a renewal fee again.
  • Recharges - include markups (where agreed).
  • Arrears management & Section 8 notice.
  • Collect and refund deposits in part or full.
  • Process Deposit deductions.
  • Record deposits as Landlord, TDS, DPS or My Deposits.

Suppliers and Repairs Management

  • Supplier Contact Information.
  • Integration with Fixflo™ Repairs Reporting add-in.
  • Supplier recharging.
  • Supplier mark-ups (if agreed) at Landlord, Supplier or system level.
  • Authorisation process for supplier invoices.
  • Supplier preferred products with default pricing.
  • Request a quote, Book a repair, Raise an invoice – All from one screen.
  • Repairs reporting and tracking.
  • Repairs & Job request document and/or emails.

Compliance and Reminders

  • Management visits reminders at any frequency.
  • Gas safety reminders.
  • EPC reminders.
  • Rent Reviews.
  • Insurance reminders.
  • Customisable reminders.
  • Customisable compliances.
  • Advanced Documents and Compliance engine.
  • User definable multi stage move-in process to include CO Testing, Legionella risk assessment and Fire/Smoke alarms.
  • Legal compliance for notices and tenancy agreements with built in prescribed information, underwritten by TFP.

Other Features

  • Client logins – online access for your clients to retrieve statements, Invoices and other relevant documentation.
  • Applicant logins – access GDPR settings and contact information.
  • Guarantor referencing - approval to documentation.
  • HMO contact module – E-mail all occupants.

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