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Post Codes and Address Look Ups

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Post Code and Address look ups.

As part of your PCHomes Estate Agent Software package you can can select to include a Postcode and Address Lookup module. These modules use live, up to date data and allow you to simply type in a postcode and the address is found and filled in for you. Or you can choose options to find a postcode from a street name or partial address.

The address data covers all UK postcodes and comes in several options. You can choose to have regional data or country wide data, per user or per lookup pricing. All prices quoted are excluding VAT.

PCHomes Integration

PCHomes Software gives you the option to choose any setup on a per user basis. So one user can use Loqate and another AFD. One user can even use AFD and Loqate together (even though we don't know why you would). With the Loqate option you can also choose to have limited user licences for some users and per look-up licences for others. Limits and budgets can be set for look-up options.

Please call customer services on 020 8859 1700 to discuss adding any of these options to your PCHomes installation.

Terms and conditions apply to the products offered above. Please refer to the providers website for more information.

PCHomes Estate Agent Software Installation

Loqate GBG

This option provides the most flexibility and is our latest offering in PCHomes v6 onwards. It will allow you to find addresses for any address field in the PCHomes software - Property, Landlords, Vendors, Solicitors, Applicants etc.

Note that Loqate GBG was formerly known as PCA Predict.

AFD PAF (Postcode Address File)

There are two main options with the AFD Postcode Address File.

  • Basic PAF
    Full UK Addresses except house numbers.
    This option is good for basic Postcode lookups but does provide less address information i.e. no house/flat numbers
    Prices start from £154.00 per user per year
  • Advanced PAF
    Full UK Addresses with house number.
    This option is the better option for matching more exactly with a specific premise or house number.
    With this database option you can view more detail information on an address.
    Prices start from £475.00 per user per year

The Advanced PAF option provides more options but costs more too.

You can call the supplier directly, click for more information on PAF with AFD Software