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Company Profile for Estates IT™ Ltd

We can be your TOTAL IT, Admin and Marketing solution provider.

Estates IT Company Profile

Since 1996 when we developed our first website and grew it into one of the first internet agency directories, we have worked exclusively with Sales and Letting Agents to deepen our understanding of the market and develop our market-leading Software Solution for Estate Agents and Letting Agents.

The Shareholder Directors and key employees have all served "apprenticeships" working for (or closely with) Property Agency firms, Financial Institutions and Software Houses over the last 30 years.

We are privately owned and so you can be certain that our interests are always closely aligned with your interests. For example we pioneered the notion that software provision is actually a service, and so should be paid for on a subscription basis.

Recently we launched our new innovative product PCHomes Plus Estate Agent Cloud Software. We were the first and are leading the market in the provision of cloud and desktop technology all under one roof. Our website design and development quality is clearly demonstrated by our public display of our work.

We have moved fast in an ever faster world, ensuring that our services and solutions are always of the highest quality and reliability.

As a company, we can be your total IT, Admin and Marketing solution provider.

Estates IT Staff

Our staff have been trained to provide high quality services and products to you. These staff are important to us as an employer and you as a customer. They enjoy the hustle and bustle of the busy hard working atmosphere that supporting busy estates agents requires. But we like to relax and have fun too.

We are proud of our record as an employer. Our record with retaining high quality staff and rewarding excellence is well known.

We always welcome CVs and enquiries of industry professionals wishing to join our Award Winning company. Experience a different kind of company, a digital software innovation company.