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PCHomes Anywhere

The new cloud-hosted product from Estates IT Ltd™ which works in harmony with your PCHomes Plus software. The product consists of four components, PCHomes Mobile, Online Booking system, KPI’s and Client Logins. Clients must be using our PCHomes Plus software to take advantage of PCHomes Anywhere.

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PCHomes Anywhere

PCHomes Mobile

Browser-based, this module will allow you to view your own PCHomes diary including valuations, viewings and meetings you have booked in from your mobile phone. You can view your advertised properties and the contact details of the Landlords and Vendors associated with the properties (users can be restricted also). Use your mobile phone’s microphone to record notes about the property which will automatically upload into PCHomes ready for when you get back to the office.

PCHomes Anywhere Online Booking System

Online Booking System

Why not offer a more hybrid solution for your customers? By allowing them to book tentative viewings, valuations and even making an offer. A calendar on your website lets you show your availability for appointments, whilst allowing the client to book the tentative date/time directly from your website. The booked appointment will automatically display into your Estate Agent Software diary as a tentative appointment – you can either confirm with the client or rearrange for another time. The online booking system is fully customisable to your own office hours.

PCHomes Anywhere Online Booking System

Client Logins

Give your clients access to their own area of your website where you can upload their statements, letters, Tenancy Agreements etc ready for them to download. They will also be able to manage their own contact preferences for GDPR from this area.


KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)

The new KPI dashboard has every combination of KPI you could wish for. You can see branch activity by quarter, by negotiator, by period. You can check how many client registrations you have received by source, properties by status and lots more. Create healthy competition between your negotiators, or just keep an eye on what they are doing!



With PCHomes Anywhere you also get an API key which you can use on your 3rd party website or for portals. The API key allows you to call your property data in real time using a variety of file formats. You can also choose which images to display from the original files, web photos or thumbnails.

API Keys