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Hosting & Email

Hosting & Email

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Website and email hosting from Estates IT.

  • Fast Dedicated Server Hosting

    Hosted on our powerful servers, designed by our in-house web-development team and powered by our estate agent software, our websites are specially optimised for fast, reliable and attractive delivery of property information.

  • Tracking & Marketing

    Once your website is online, you can track visitors with graphical statistics and boost your website traffic using industry-leading Google SEO tools. Access to raw log files for your website is available on our dedicated hosting platform.

  • Email

    Our great range of Mailboxes are now available on our new mail hosting platform from April 2011. POP, SMTP and Exchange mail hosting with plenty of space to store your business emails and Office 365

  • Domain Name Registration

    We can research and acquire appropriate domain name(s) on your behalf. We offer the purchase of domains with extensions like .co.uk, .uk, .com, .net, .info, .tv and many others.

  • Domain Renewal Management

    Don't risk losing your valuable identity. Don't get ripped off by plausible rogues. Don't laugh – it happens every day! – But not to our clients!

  • Multi-Site Web Hosting

    Our web hosting options have been designed with the growth of your business in mind. We offer a cost effective route for hosting multiple websites.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

    With unlimited bandwidth, no matter what level of demand is placed on your website, they'll always perform at their best (subject to reasonable use policies).

  • On-site UK Data Centres

    Onsite and based in the UK, two state-of-the-art data centres house the latest web and mail servers, maintained 24x7 by an expert team of engineers.

Email features

  • Unlimited mailboxes included with our hosting package.
  • Office 365, Microsoft Exchange®, Advanced or Standard mailboxes. Plus forwarding, redirection and catch all.
  • Manage your own mailbox settings online with your own control panel.
  • Set out of office and auto responders.
  • Enable mobile email access using Microsoft Exchange or Good Mobile Messaging.
  • Works with mobile technology including iPhone® and iPad®.

Mailbox Options

Domain purchase and renewals cost £25 per year for .co.uk, .com, .org, .uk, .net and domain extensions ending in .uk.
Other domain extension purchase and renewals are priced on request.

All prices exclude VAT.

What is the difference between Office 365 Mailboxes and Exchange Mailboxes above?

With Office 365 mailboxes each user that requires a mailbox will require their own Office 365 mailbox. This option does not allow mixing of Office 365 mailboxes with Standard or Advanced mailboxes

The Exchange mailbox solution allows mixing of Exchange, Standard and Advanced mailboxes.

This option allows you to choose which type of boxes you require, so that some users can have fully advanced Exchange mailboxes and others Standard free mailboxes.