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Software Feature List

PCHomes Estate Agency Software, Lettings Software & Property Management Software features

Please see below, by clicking on the headers, a list of features in our Estate Agent Software and PCHomes Plus Estate Agent Cloud Software products. This list is not a comprehensive list of functionality in the PCHomes Software, but a guide to key features. All features of our estate agent software are available in our desktop and online cloud versions. If you require a feature not listed in the Estate Agency software features below please contact us to find out whether we have your requirement and we just forgot to list it.

Some of the Key Features


  • Optimised for Windows™ Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, Windows Servers 2008/2012/2016/2019.
  • Compatible with Windows™ Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, Windows Servers 2008/2012/2016/2019.
  • Desktop and Online versions available.
  • Works with Terminal Server, Remote Desktop and other remote access services.
  • Online versions can run via Apple and Android based devices including the iPad® and iPhone®.
  • Multi Window Environment.


  • Links directly to Microsoft Word™ (2007 or higher)
  • Works with Microsoft Outlook™ (2007 or higher) for sending and reading emails.
  • Uploads to the main property portals.
  • Post Code Address File (PAF) Integration.
  • SMS Integration and reply to SMS.
  • Links to Google Maps.
  • Spell Checking.
  • Backwards compatible with Windows XP/2003/Vista/7.
  • Multiple industry partnerships. More details about Our Partners


  • Choose from a selection of predefined skins and colours, or create your own.
  • Side bar.
  • Consistent screen layouts and interface.
  • Microsoft Office style toolbars for ease of use.
  • Full multi-user environment allowing all of your negotiators to share information.
  • Fully integrated Sales Software, Lettings Software and Property Management Software solution.


  • Enter and maintain extensive property details in a choice of screen styles.
  • Multiple descriptive fields for different targets e.g. printed documents or web pages etc.
  • Produces EPC Charts.
  • Links to URL's e.g. EPC and Virtual tours etc.
  • Merge PDF's e.g. particulars with EPC.
  • Property to Applicant matching.
  • Create and link Vendor, Purchaser, Solicitor, Landlord, Tenant and Applicant records and information.
  • Produce and manage property documents from Property screen (e.g. letters, window cards and particulars).
  • Create Vendor and Landlord information and documents from Property screen.
  • Full history of Property activity including change history.
  • Easily view information related to the property life cycle.
  • Optionally holds all completed and withdrawn properties for future reference.
  • Rooms Entry and Auto Formatting.
  • Sales Event tracking for property life cycle.
  • Internet Links providing quick access to useful websites e.g. your property card on your website.
  • Social Media allowing to update to Twitter ∓ Facebook.
  • Pre-define financial fees.


  • Enter and maintain Applicant details in a choice of screen styles & layouts.
  • Record applicant requirements with optional matching on specific details.
  • Match Applicants to Properties.
  • Add Applicants from received emails and instantly match to properties.
  • Record source of Applicant enquiries (e.g. email, boards, newspaper etc).
  • Produce letters and communicate with Applicants from this screen.
  • How Hot! feature to show important Applicants.
  • Direct access to diary & events information for Applicants.
  • Full history of Applicant activity including change history.
  • Send SMS messages directly to Applicants.
  • Can record information about the Applicants finances.
  • Next Contact date for reminders.

Vendors & Landlords

  • Enter and maintain Vendor / Landlord details in a choice of screen styles & layouts.
  • Produce reports to Vendors Landlords detailing all property activity, can be scheduled and automated.
  • Record multiple properties to a single vendor and visa versa.
  • Tenants and Tenancies.
  • Hold information on Tenants.
  • Full Tenancy Archive for historic reporting.
  • End and Renew Tenancy Options.
  • Can record multiple Tenants against a single property.
  • Send SMS messages directly to Vendors / Landlords (option to reply back).
  • Next Contact date for reminders.

Property Management Software

  • Rents due reminder. Process Rents Individually or in Bulk.
  • Arrears process to Section 8.
  • Landlord statements & landlord payments – Process Statements / Payments Individually or in
  • Gas safety check reminders.
  • Management visit reminders.
  • TDS, My Deposits & DPS deposits controlled.
  • Section 21 reminders.
  • Automated monthly management fee invoice generation.
  • Automated renewal invoices reminders.
  • Check in & Check out reminders.
  • Full double entry accounting with analysis to trial balance.
  • Tax reporting & year end reporting.
  • Full ledger analysis available.
  • Supplier controls.
  • and much more ...


  • Interactive diary for daily, weekly or monthly activity.
  • View all users diary
  • Full event system for recording system and definable events.
  • Record viewings, offers and other property status events.
  • Record letter production, details sent and numerous other events.
  • Record advertising runs and information sent to contacts.
  • Full history on all recorded property events.
  • To do and reminder lists.
  • Option to update diary event to Outlook.
  • Send email or SMS confirmations from diary events.
  • Create 'road trips' i.e. multi property viewings with one drag and drop.

Powerful Output and Documentation Engine

  • Produce high quality property particulars and window cards
  • Output can optionally include photographs, maps & floor plans.
  • Easily customise supplied letters, reports and output or create your own.
  • Create your own output with our inbuilt Output Producer & Report Writer.
  • Unlimited number of output productions, letters and reports styles can be produced.
  • Produce output in Word, HTML, Excel or PDF format.
  • Output to fax via your fax printer driver.
  • Envelope printing.
  • Output to any printer supported by Windows.
  • Documentation can be produced on blank paper, letter headed or pre-printed stationary.
  • Automatically add negotiator signatures and photos to required output.
  • Letters and other produced documentation can be easily held and saved for future reference.

Export & Upload facilities

  • Export files in XML, XHTML, WML, HTML or any other mark-up format.
  • Export files in Text, CSV, Excel or DBF formats, and numerous others.
  • Export many displayed grids direct into Excel spreadsheets.
  • Create direct web output for your estate agency website.
  • Upload properties to your estate agency website | See some our latest property website creations.
  • Optional instant or batch update of your own estate agency website.
  • Upload properties automatically to other custom property websites.
  • Built in FTP facility.
  • API module available with multiple data formats for property.
  • Upload facility to major Portal Upload Service.
  • Export to 3rd Party web sites, files and services.
  • Upload documents and files to client area with Client Logins module.

Media Management

  • Each property can register unlimited photos/floor plans for the internet.
  • Unlimited number of rooms photos per property via Rooms Entry.
  • Integrated media and photo manager and photo tools.
  • Auto create photo set (web, printed, mobile etc) directly from a source photo.
  • Get photos directly from your digital camera.
  • 'Media Slider' displaying images full screen.
  • Resize, Rotate, Contrast, Brightness and Crop controls.
  • Optimise for the internet in jpg format.
  • Option to add watermarking to your photos.
  • Add multiple photos in one go or drag and drop photos.

Advanced Security & Network Features

  • Unlimited negotiator setup with differing security options.
  • Passwords for each negotiator/user.
  • Access rights set at group level e.g. sales, lettings, administrator etc.
  • Restrictions can be applied to all menu options.
  • Users can be shown different screens depending on security level.
  • Inter-Branch Networking.
  • Connect multiple branch offices.
  • Use distributed branch list or head office upload and distribute.
  • Optional sharing of property, applicants, vendors, tenants, landlords, agents, solicitors and more including photos, particulars and diary activity.
  • Schedule at your own pace for overnight or real time transfer.
  • Supports Terminal Server operation for remote access.


  • Integrated ZIP backup and restore facility with scheduling.
  • Integrated database recovery system.
  • Automatic online upgrade facility.
  • Your rental subscription includes regular updates to the PCHomes software.
  • Backup your data online for off-site security.


  • Customise system language and prompts.
  • Redefine fields for using your own specialised information.
  • Customise screen grids with your own columns, colours and layout.
  • Add and recall saved filters for easy retrieval of information.
  • Create your own menu layouts to suite your business.
  • Choose from a selection of predefined skins and colours, or create your own.
  • Setup tasks for regular system and user operations.
  • Create your own toolbars for easy 1 click access to options.
  • Favourites menu for easy recall of your most accessed options.

Advanced Matching, (e)mailing and SMS Text

  • System allows matching on up to 188 match flags.
  • Optionally match by Postcode, Area, Town or City.
  • Match on property status, tenures etc.
  • Full matching screen with tick boxes to help with selections.
  • Print and output documentation directly from matching screen.
  • Send SMS or emails directly to applicants from matching screens.

Other Features

  • HTML Editor for web formatting descriptions.
  • Free format rooms entry via HTML editor.
  • Read & create people types (e.g. applicants) from email enquiries. Works with enquiries from Rightmove, Zoopla, OnTheMarket & your own website (provided it's built by us).
  • Buzz screens that detail on one screen a summary of what's going on e.g. Properties to let and for sale, who needs contacting & section 21's due etc…
  • Direct Property Links to website views.
  • Inter Branch improvements including sync word documents.
  • Additional Bullet Points, dates and entry fields.
  • Holds Sale Board status.
  • And much more...

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