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IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy and Support from Estates IT

IT Consultancy and Support from ONE Provider

Most of our clients have recognised the benefits for having a single source supplier for their Hardware, Networking and Software needs - Basically with only one number to call for any problem, this allows problems to be sorted quickly and easily.

From a single user to an entire multi office/multi user installation, our trained consultants can supply all type of Hardware, Networking and Software, including our own Software for Estate Agents.

Some simple questions:

Have you considered Disaster Recovery?

Will you even have a business after a disaster?

Your business is at risk every day.

Be it risk of flood, loss of power, theft, hardware failure or virus attack. Your business is reliant on its IT infrastructure and you need to ensure that you can recover your systems in the event of any disaster, quickly and with minimal disruption.

Can you afford to leave it to chance?

Disasters happen. Maybe you've been lucky so far. The fact is that disasters do happen and recovery is something for which you certainly need to plan.

Do you have Anti-Virus, Intrusion detection & Firewalls?

Many companies under estimate the problems that a virus infection, disk failure or even a hacker could cause their business - Until it happens to them. Then it is too late...

The cost of anti-virus and internet security is minimal in comparison to the cost of re-installing infected machines, the inconvenience and the possible loss of business.

Do you backup your Server and PCs?

PCHomes sales lettings and property management (desktop) data can be safely kept offsite.

PCHomes Plus sales lettings and property management (cloud) data, together with emails and other documents will be backed up every night.

PCHomes on-line system backup / off-site backup

Estates IT offer an online off-site backup facility for PCHomes Estate Agent Software, ensuring the safety of your PCHomes Database. By clicking a button in PCHomes all your data can be backed up on to one of our external servers. Do you currently use it? Have peace of mind. Contact Estates IT now


Support is required for Hardware, Networking and Software and can be carried out either on-site, or in a more timely and cost-effective manner via remote support.

Software support (PCHomes) via remote access.

In order to assist to with support of PCHomes Estate Agent Software, remote access is recommended.

If you are running XP as your operating system, we can help you set up remote desktop assistance, which is integrated. If you are using earlier operating systems like Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 or NT remote desktop assistance is not available.

There are however other 3rd party software packages, which we can have supplied and installed for you by our IT specialists.