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Brief Your Market

Brief Your Market

Estates IT have joined forces with www.briefyourmarket.com a leading company in marketing solutions.

Brief Your Market can generate targeted marketing material for any property, street, town or geographical area, using key demographics from your PCHomes Estate Agent Software data and target prospects with highly personalised mailshots.

Through PCHomes Estate Agent Software, the Brief Your Market software allows you to set up automated emails, surveys, SMS and direct mail that can reach a customer or a prospective customer at the time that's right for them based on their interactions with your business. Automated marketing messages are then sent through the data in your CRM.

Brief Your Market Say: “Other companies provide email software – full stop. We provide the whole solution. Smart marketing isn't sending a bulk, one size fits all email out and waiting for results. BriefYourmarket.com gives you the power to send an email or a newsletter to multiple groups of people – all containing only the content that they want to read.”

Because the data is imported from your CRM to Brief Your Market, each message - be it an automated email, an automated piece of print or an SMS - can all be personalised with not just the recipient's name, but key details, such as viewing times and exchange and completion dates.

Why Use Smart Marketing

  • Most prospects will have researched you long before they may get in touch. They are also bombarded with marketing messages from other companies, but by using smart marketing, you keep your company in the forefront of their mind until they are ready to proceed.
  • Saving time - automated marketing can be set up and left to run in the background, allowing you to focus on other tasks.
  • Your timing is perfect– your emails and other marketing messages reach the right contact, at the right time
  • You stay relevant – your contacts get the messages they are most interested in, which increases their engagement with you.

Effective, time saving marketing made simple with PCHomes Estate Agent Software and www.briefyourmarket.com.