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Summary Of Changes From PCHomes V6.0 to V6.5

Summary Of Changes From PCHomes V6.0 to V6.5

New Version

Below is a summary of changes when moving from PCHomes or PCHomes Plus V6.0 to V6.5.

- New letter suite and new branding engine and sentences.

- Send letters as print documents or emails.

- Auto publishing optional for Under Offer properties part of events process.

- Option to prefill tenancy agreement/prescribed information with tenant details other than name.

- More diary entries from documents produced stored against person as well as properties.

- Transfer between accounts any amount and change narratives.

- Refund deposit new options for allocating against rent and partial payback.

- New section under people on legal tab for - Salary/Job/NI/DOB.

- Updated Email Sender to allow adding of signatures and changing of email in HTML editor.

- EPC numbers duplicated on tab 2 on property screen for ease of entry.

-1 click to output reports in contract screens and buzzes.

- Add Guarantors into PCHomes.

- New tenant terms screens.

- New Portals Opt Out Options.

- New User Fields new multiple choice tick box options.

- New bulk email splitting features & auto BCC.

- New Repairs screen layout and options.

- New phone dialling options for supported systems.

- SMS replies default setting, more configurable outputs/messages e.g. from popups.

-Auto EPC Graph image generation for portals.

- More new portals supported for auto upload LonRes, AllAgents, S1Homes, INEA and Movehut.

- System categories can be hidden from use.

- Supplier mark-ups can be an amount not just a percentage.

- Suppliers can have a default product code for recharges.

- Diary - New Repair icon for dragging.

- Security Enhancements - options for changing negotiators, editing people or property records.

- Matching can be restricted to user or branch people or property through security.

- BLM import engine upgrade.

- BLM export engine upgrade.

- New Diary Screen Layouts.

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Nick Hubbard

Written by Nick Hubbard

Source Estates IT Ltd

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